Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dan Pink Takes a Hit in His National Arts Address

[2 April 2008 - Washington Post] Daniel Pink and the Economic Model of Creativity ... One hopes that Americans for the Arts, the national lobbying group that fanned out across the Capitol yesterday to talk up government support for its cause, didn't pay best-selling author Daniel Pink a nickel for the talk he gave Monday evening. Pink, an author who has whipped up a very good career massaging talking points into books and books into speaking engagements, gave the annual Nancy Hanks Lecture at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall. Previous speakers have included Robert Redford, William Safire and Ken Burns. The speech is usually a celebratory affair for local arts leaders as they descend on Washington to make their case for such causes as funding the National Endowment for the Arts and arts education in public schools. More

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  1. Steve - No comment from you on this? A little disconcerting to have the Post's highly critical story posted with no thoughts to put it into context. I was there and thought Pink did a great job. He may be a little glib and slick, but the underlying message is hard to dispute, and has been widely delivered in publications such as the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and the Journal of Business Strategy! This was also a great message to deliver to arts advocates going in the next day to speak with their legislators - an argument for the value of the arts and arts education that is new for many of them. Also, Pink was introduced by the CEO of The Conference Board presenting brand-new research reinforcing Pink's points.