Friday, September 23, 2005

Creativity is the key to economic success

[22 September 2005 - Times Argus] Thanks to its creative people and artsy folks, intellectual centers and funky buildings, the Capital City is an attractive place to live and work. If Montpelier can capitalize on these benefits, it can improve its economy and sustainability, according to organizers and panelists at a forum exploring the "creative economy" held at Union Institute & University's Vermont College Wednesday night. Fostering the creative and the unique can enrich the economy and the quality of life, agreed the approximately 70 participants, both audience members and panelists. ... Representatives from many sectors of the city sat on the panel, including Patty Casey, a singer-songwriter, Sonia Rae, manager of Artisans Hand Craft Gallery; Tom Macleay, CEO of National Life and CEO Richard White of the Community National Bank. ... Rae explained how the creative sector is essential to Vermont's economy. "We feel very strongly that our job, not just as a shop, but as a place where people can gather, is to promote creativity within our community but also educating the public about what we do, what the great people around us are doing, what kind of crafts they're producing," she said. "But if we're exhibiting the work of 130 people, and selling the work of 130 people, that means that we're helping to keep 130 people employed in the state of Vermont." Rae added that Artisans Hand, a downtown store which showcases solely Vermont artists, is proud to be a self-sustaining for-profit venture that doesn't rely on grants. More

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here, There and Everywhere: Four companies look for creativity beyond the product development lab

[September 2005 - CMO Magazine] When most people think of innovation, their minds likely focus on one of two things: cool new products or whiz-bang technologies. While those areas have certainly yielded success for many a company (and will probably continue to do so), today's strategic marketer is taking a more holistic view of innovation. As marketing becomes more integrated and cross-disciplinary, so too has the idea of what constitutes a marketing innovation. If you think of innovation as anything that yields a fresh idea or a novel approach, then virtually any aspect of marketing becomes rife with possibilities, from how you execute customer research, to where you communicate your message, to whom you're targeting with that message. To illustrate this broadening definition of innovation in marketing, we've assembled a sampling of companies that are leading the way. More

Friday, September 16, 2005

What Does It Mean To Be an Educated Person?

[September 2005 - American Association of School Administrators - Publications - The School Administrator] The task is to draw attention to what is important and ask the central questions that give meaning to teaching and learning. One of the most fundamental questions is: What does it mean to be an educated person? What should a high school graduate be able to do upon graduation? The answer guides instruction. The art of teaching is to challenge and encourage students toward this vision.

A Dozen Ideals: In a good school both teacher and student define the right challenge. Here are 12 educational ideals worth pursuing. They become powerful when we apply them not only to students but to everyone in a learning community of students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff. Students should be ... More