Friday, June 03, 2005

Academic Creativity: Its Own Worst Enemy?

[1 June 2005 - Campus Technology] Higher ed boards, executives, and faculties must work together to create differentiated academic management and governance models. ... ALONG WITH A GROUP of academic, cultural, and business executives who’ve managed creative people, I recently participated in an organized but robustly interactive smallgroup discussion about creativity. When the meeting leader started the discussion by noting that being creative is not the same as managing creative people, I wondered how his observation applies to the leaders of nonprofit colleges and universities, and the intellectually creative faculty they “manage.” I wondered particularly about such faculty’s use of technology in teaching and learning. More

Do today's kids have "nature-deficit disorder"?

[31 May 2005 - Salon] A new book argues that children desperately need to be able to play in the woods -- and that our culture's sterile rejection of nature is harming them in body and soul. More