Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toyota and "Brain Age" Inventor Team To Make Cars More Senior-Citizen-Friendly

[23 December 2007 - Edmunds Inside Line - TOKYO] As drivers age, they may find it increasingly difficult to stay alert and react quickly while driving. Now a video game expert is heading a research effort with Toyota that aims to make cars that are better adapted to the needs of senior-citizen drivers. The inventor of the popular Nintendo "Brain Age" series, Professor Ryuta Kawashima of Japan's Tohoku University is hoping to get the results of the R&D into cars by 2020 or sooner. More

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

PBS Special Shows How to Sharpen Brain With Workouts

[5 December 2007 - Bloomberg] Did you sleep well last night -- or can't you remember? A pair of PBS shows offers hope for those suffering from restless nights and/or dimming brains. Contrary to popular belief, dull thinking is not a preordained part of old age, according to "The Brain Fitness Program,'" which airs Dec. 7 at 10 p.m. New York time. However, you do have to work hard to keep your gray matter from taking on the consistency of that oatmeal you've been eating for a healthy heart. Host Peter Coyote says the brain has a wonderful ability to stay sharp and even "rewire'' itself after suffering catastrophic damage, including strokes. A panel of experts, including Dr. Michael Merzenich from the University of California, San Francisco, promises that unlike the proverbial old dog, the brain can learn new tricks right up until the very end. More