Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Practical Creativity: When Innovation Is Essential (CCL's Leading Effectively e-Newsletter)

[March 2004 - Center for Creative Leadership' Monday Morning Tools: Practical Creativity] Most of us think creativity and practicality are at odds with one another ?4 especially in the workplace. But now is the time to change your view and learn about targeted innovation. Today's organizations, large and small, are under extreme financial and competitive pressures. But rather than pursuing novel, innovative approaches to their challenges, they often default to making minor changes or "safe" decisions. "Targeted innovation is one way to break out of typical decision-making routines and develop practical, yet creative, ideas and solutions," according to CCL's Stan Gryskiewicz, who has spent his career developing practical approaches to creativity in organizations. More

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Creativity And Innovation Tranforming New Zealand (Scoop Media)

[New Zealand Government - 15 March 2004] Media release from:
Hon Jim Anderton Minister for Economic, Regional and Industry Development Progressive Leader -- Economic development, using creativity and innovation is transforming New Zealand into a high wage, high skill economy said Jim Anderton today in a speech to the EDANZ (Economic Development Association of New Zealand) conference in Wellington. More

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The Art of Creativity: Riding the White Moment (Psychology Today)

[D. Goleman and P. Kaufmann - March 1992] Offers a look at creativity and how it can be encouraged. Riding the white moment; The ability to see things in a new way; Inside creativity; Creativity in children; Creativity killers; Creativity at work. Plus ... Be aware (ideas for deepening your creative capacity). More 

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The New Elderhood (Training magazine)

[By Steven Dahlberg - February 2004] Retirement is so often defined negatively and individualistically, as the end of a career and the cessation of work. However, retirement, like most transitions, can also be a creative time—a period of renewal and rejuvenation. ... Many changes in the corporate world have impacted the quality of life of people who are nearing retirement age. When those 50-plus began their careers, they often expected to work for one organization for 40 years, then retire (and stop working) at a set age and receive a pension. But the rules have changed and these workers are facing very different work and post-work lives. More

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Innovation's New Performance Standard (Booz Allen Hamilton)

[By David Neely and Kevin Dehoff - 15 March 2004] A 50-company survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton shows that senior executives across a variety of industries -- including aerospace, automotive products, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications -- want their innovation programs to deliver 20 to 30 percent improvements in product cost, quality, and time-to-market within the next two years. But there is a vast disconnect between hope and reality: By a two-to-one margin, executives said they are only minimally satisfied that their current innovation organizations are delivering their full potential. The survey also suggested that four factors make or break innovation programs. More

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