Thursday, September 05, 2013

Finding Creative Inspiration From Nature

"Nature has a large potential for enhancing creativity. The reason seems to be that the feelings, which are enhancing creativity, are the same feelings which are evoked when one is in nature. Nature has the ability to set one in a state of mind which enhances creativity, because nature makes us feel open and unlimited, playful and excited, refocused and invigorated, calm and energized. At the same time nature can be a great source of direct inspiration, which also explains its ability to enhance creativity." - "Nature & Creativity: How and Why Nature Enhances Human Creativity," Master Thesis by Trine Plambach
On September 28, you can take part in a series of experiences designed to develop your personal creativity, taking inspiration from nature, as well as explore how you can connect your creative purpose with other people to cultivate new possibilities for yourself, your community and the earth. Facilitators include Irish poet Anne F. O'Reilly, creativity educator Steve Dahlberg and other collaborators. Find out more and register now for THE NATURE OF CREATIVITY: A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP ON HOW NATURE INSPIRES US TO BE MORE CREATIVE, at the Center for Innovation at South Kent School in Kent, Connecticut. The Center is the school's new farm-based "classroom" that encourages inquiry into the dynamic interplay between human creativity, intuition and sustainability. The day ends with a related event on "THE NATURE OF WINE," a special evening exploring the intersection of creativity, wine and the brain at Hopkins Vineyard.

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