Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creativity, Play, Engagement, Learning and Games ... with Aaron Dignan

Just had a really great interview with Undercurrent's Aaron Dignan, author of Game Frame. Lots of important implications for how we create/design engaging learning and work. We explored why we are so attracted to things like games, what a "game-like mindset" is, the difference between liking something and wanting something, the connection between boredom and flow, the importance of storytelling and narratives, how play is different (similar to!) addiction, and why engagement and gaming approaches are so important (and mostly lacking) in education. Check out the interview and let us know how you are applying game and mindsets to your learning efforts and work design.


  1. Nice interview,there was one experimental test in school where my kids are learning like game based course who will motivates kids for better learning and implementation of their knowledge and the results were very positive.

  2. Implementation of video games in the process of learning is very positive for kids and can have good feedback.