Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Applied Imagination: Your Ideas for Stopping and Cleaning Up the BP Gulf Oil Disaster

Creativity and imagination probably allowed BP to install this oil pipe in deep waters in the first place. Now, it requires not only BP -- but anyone, in the spirit of open innovation -- to help solve the problem of the leaking oil pipe in those deep waters. What's YOUR idea? Add it below in the comments ...
[17 May 2010 - Fast Company] BP can use all the help it can get in cleaning up the ever-growing Gulf oil spill--even with minor successes this weekend, the oil giant still lacks an immediate solution to stopping the flow of oil altogether. That's why it makes sense to harness the power of the Internet and collect as many ideas as possible from, well, everyone. The UK Guardian did just that earlier today, with exciting results. Below, a selection of promising ideas from the Guardian's solicitation for help. More

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