Thursday, March 27, 2008

Advice for Young Educators

[26 March 2008 - Edutopia News] Jonathon Kozol talks about building relationships, fostering creativity, and standing up for students. More

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  1. As one of my colleagues recently pointed out, there are 'A+' fast food workers, who smile a lot and ask "would you like fries with that?" in an entertaining voice with a slightly sarcastic edge, and C- fast food workers who punish customers for standing in line. There are also many college grads out there working in fast food restaurants & the like. I know, I've done it - and was an A++ fast food server, having figured out how to make it an art form. Thankfully, I'm teaching in a technical school now, where students see through the idiocy of standardized testing and grin and bear it. They can do that, you see, because a trade guarantees them what a college degree can't - a decent job with good pay.

    They are the most right brained lot in the education world. Give them a project, together with a little of that Kozol "mystical chemistry", and they can design and build wonders.