Sunday, February 03, 2008

US scientists fear brain drain

[3 February 2008 - Times of India] Scientists are chafing at the US government's unfulfilled pledge to boost funding for basic scientific research, the source of innovations ranging from the World Wide Web to high-tech cancer treatments. The estimated $500 million sliced out of the fiscal 2008 federal budget for research projects seeking answers to fundamental questions such as the nature of the universe could trigger a brain drain, scientists and others warn. "Scientists are not going to wait around to be brought back. There will definitely be a brain drain," said Republican US Representative Judy Biggert of Illinois, a key player in securing funding for Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago. "It was very troublesome to me, because we have had such a focus on basic research and how important it is to American competitiveness and our long-term economic growth," Biggert said. "We're worried about the 2009 budget now." More

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