Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Innovation in platforms

[15 January 2008 - DEMOS - UK] In our Public Value of Science and Atlas of Ideas reports, we explored the role of science-based innovation in addressing big global challenges. Looking at science globally, we are faced with the question of what sort of innovation applies to what scale of problem. It seems that the bigger the challenge, the more innovative the solution needs to be. It's something that the new Technology Strategy Board are looking at. They are interested in how to get business and the government working together on big sociotechnical questions. They call them "Innovation Platforms" They've started with work on Intelligent Transport Systems and Network Security - nodding towards policies on road-pricing and big social IT systems - NHS connecting for health, ID cards etc. Next, they're looking at low carbon vehicles, assisted living and sustainable buildings. Their aim is to crowbar innovation systems into doing things differently - being more innovative about innovation. As a new agency, with sparkly new offices down in Swindon - as sparkly as Swindon gets, at any rate - they have an opportunity to change things. Good luck to them. More

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