Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Huckabee: God designed kids to be creative

[25 September 2007 - Baptist Press] Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stressed the importance of music and art in education as he delivered a lecture at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Ark., Sept. 24, noting that students made by a creative God should be encouraged in their own creativity. "I tend to think that one of the greatest mistakes in education over the past generation has been that many school districts have cut their budgets in music and art programs," said Huckabee, a 1976 graduate of Ouachita. "And in doing so, they've done one of the dumbest things that could ever be done that really is harmful to students in this country." ... Some would think CEOs are looking for technical talents, but actually they're looking for creativity, he said. "It's not simply people who know something but people who have imagination in knowing what to do with what they know," Huckabee said. A former Ouachita trustee, Huckabee recommended that students read a book by Richard Florida, "The Rise of the Creative Class," in which the author predicts that the future economy will be driven not by those who are strong in technology, agriculture or manufacturing but those who are creative. "The accommodation of the creative class really is the foundation for the future of our nation's economic strength," Huckabee said. More

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