Thursday, December 07, 2006

Young researchers urged not to rely on textbooks

[1 December 2006 - Daily Yomiuri - Japan] The importance of creativity for researchers--and the necessity of fostering it in a child's education -- was emphasized in the Fukuoka, the final session of this year's "Creativity in the 21st Century with Nobel Laureates" forum series. The theme of the Fukuoka session, held at Kyushu University school of medicine's Centennial Hall on Nov. 15, was "To Creative Younger Generations -- A Message From Scientists." Ryoji Noyori, president of RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research), said in his keynote speech: "Why are no great scientists such as Newton and Einstein around at present? Because young researchers have a tendency to rely too much on textbooks and lectures at schools. The contents of textbooks are not necessarily correct. For example, Pluto was recently demoted from its status as a planet in the solar system. Newton studied and learned for himself. Young researchers should think up something from scratch by themselves, and put their energy into research and trying to disprove established theories," he said. More

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