Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tom Wujec: Using images to think and innovate

[6 December 2006 - Innovation Weblog] Over at the Business Innovation Insider Blog, Dominic Basulto has published a summary of Tom Wujec's opening presentation from the recent Fortune Innovation Forum on using images to think, innovate and drive business. Wujec is the author of one of my favorite business creativity books, Five Star Mind. Here's a PDF synopsis of his presentation. I like the way Wujec describes the emerging practice of visualization: "Visualization - making ideas visible - is becoming a vital tool to help teams think, work and collaborate better, and to foster product, service and management innovation... Visualization is the act of representing business information as images and diagrams, adding clarity, impact and persistence. These qualities provide us with powerful tools to explore, iterate and evaluate ideas - the foundations of innovation and creativity." Wujec's many examples emphasize sketching and diagramming, but this practice also includes mind mapping, which is rapidly growing in popularity. Be sure to also check out Wujec's website, which also contains examples of visual inspiration. More

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