Monday, December 11, 2006

Bright future for branding, design in South Africa

[8 December 2006 -] Gary Harwood (a director of branding company, HKLM, and chairperson of think (the South African Graphik Design Council)) is widely respected and acknowledged as a leader in the design and branding industry, and was recently awarded the University of Johannesburg's Alumni Association's highest honour, the Alumni Dignitas Award. This award has been seen as a major boost for the arts field and serves as encouragement for learners to choose design as a rewarding career option. As a career choice, he says design is hugely rewarding, challenging and thrilling - but it is an industry in which people need to work together constructively and harmoniously and with absolute respect for each other. ... "We all know that everyone has unlimited access to information these days, but it is what we do with this information and how creatively we use it that will determine our future. Creative people are going to be highly sought after - not only for their design skills but for their creative problem-solving skills too," he says.More

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