Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Red Flag In The Brain Game

[1 May 2006 - BusinessWeek] America's dismal showing in a contest of college programmers highlights how China, India, and Eastern Europe are closing the tech talent gap. ... The poor showings should serve as a wake-up call for government, industry, and educators. The output of American computer science programs is plummeting, even while that of Eastern European and Asian schools is rising. China and India, the new global tech powerhouses, are fueled by 900,000 engineering graduates of all types each year, more than triple the number of U.S. grads. Computer science is a key subset of engineering. "If our talent base weakens, our lead in technology, business, and economics will fade faster than any of us can imagine," warns Richard Florida, a professor at George Mason University and author of The Flight of the Creative Class. More

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