Friday, January 20, 2006

World Economic Forum: Leaders urged to seize "The Creative Imperative" at Annual Meeting

The Creative Imperative, 25-29 January, Davos, Switzerland
[January 2006 - World Economic Forum] A working list of Annual Meeting sub-themes is listed below:

* The Emergence of China and India
The shift of gravity to Asia and the challenges and opportunities for the global community

* The Changing Economic Landscape
Managing and dealing with economic imbalances, increased oil prices, excessive demand for natural resources, disruptions

* New Mindsets and Changing Attitudes
Global freedom and democracy, the impact of technology and digitalization, the emergence of the open society, responding to extremism, expectations of the next generation

* Creating Future Jobs
Understanding the changing nature of growth and job creation, global employment, new skill requirements, labour mobility, and resulting social and economic consequences

* Regional Identities and Struggles
Political crisis in Europe, instability in the Middle East, the future of Latin America and Africa

* Building Trust in Public and Private Institutions
The need to reconnect with constituents, build trust and legitimacy, and demonstrate effectiveness

* Effective Leadership in Managing Global Risks
Addressing the leadership deficit; fresh approach to complex issues; resisting short-termism

* Innovation, Creativity and Design Strategy
Business, government and social innovators are taking on new creative capabilities and innovation strategies in response to a rapidly changing global landscape

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