Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beta-Test a Mind-Map Tool

[24 April 2005 - Topicscape] Roy Grubb is a beta-team member in a small group of developers who have been building a 3D mind-mapping tool for a couple of years. The tool is Topicscape and they are looking for people interested in trying out this tool. Topicscape uses a mind-mapping approach, which allows for freedom from linear thinking and provides a great way to tap creativity. Each mind-map node in Topicscape can have files, URLs, e-mails and parts of files dropped on it. You can have many files on a node if you want (or none). Topicscape has been designed in 3D because mind maps get too big if you use them on big projects. Plus, 3D itself can be stimulating and exciting. Using 3D on a computer screen can help users take in and understand much more and, as a result, help lateral thinking and creativity. This beta tools is available in personal editions (for installing on one PC). Check it out at, where you'll also find screen shots and stories from users showing how they use Topicscape in their work and personal lives.


  1. check out the generic 3d knowledge representation tool!:


  2. 3D Topicscape, the advanced 3D Concept Mapping and 3D Mind Mapping tool came out of Beta last month and is now on sale.
    It can store files, snippets of files (in a container it makes for you automatically) or fileless notes, at every node or topic. It can grab web pages and save them in a background queue under the topic you select.
    You can use 3D Topicscape for a free 60-day trial.