Thursday, March 17, 2005

Experimental test focuses on creativity

[6 March 2005 - Lexington Herald-Leader] Critics of the SAT say there's more to intelligence than finding grammatical errors and solving geometry problems -- or even, this year, than showing you can write an essay. But how to measure those other abilities? Robert Sternberg, a Yale University psychologist, says he's developed a test that does just that. The test, dubbed "The Rainbow Project," evaluates creativity and problem-solving rather than analytical skills. Instead of multiple choice questions, it asks students to write captions for cartoons, outline how they would solve a problem or write stories with unusual titles like The Octopus's Sneakers or 35,381. More

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  1. Einsteinbeck5:59 PM

    I have read and admire Mr.Sternberg but i do not think the captions, or how to approach a problem, is a good measure. The old how many uses for a brick is better, or my own is, draw a straight line across a blank piece of paper (in the middle) then list as many things it looks like or could be.