Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Creativity After the Election

[December 2004 - Applied Imagination E-news - Creative Education Foundation] The United States campaign season and election that ended last month did not end the division of thought and ideas that exists in this country. There are roughly 60 million people on each side -- many of whom say about the other 60 million people -- "I don't understand how 'those people' think, feel, vote, act and believe how they do." Many of you in the creativity world have expressed a desire to see more of a direct impact from applied imagination effecting a new kind of politics, community and policy. There are several ways to begin translating your hopes for creativity to transform the world:
  1. Plan now to participate in CPSI 2005 where you will find a featured, in-depth Immersion program on creative communities and cities, as well as a keynote and Extending breakout sessions. This theme will include topics such as creative class, creative communities, creative peace, imagination and politics, etc.

  2. Tell us what you are doing with creativity to transform your community. Share how you promote creative communities where you live. Respond to this story in our Applied Imagination blog by clicking "Post a Comment" below.

  3. Read the Memphis Manifesto and then work locally to get it adopted in your own city.

  4. Check out the Creative America initiative -- whose goal is to inspire and train creative professionals to run for local office in 2006 and beyond. "We want creative professionals to stand up for creativity as a national value and priority."

  5. Create a CEF Affiliate in your community to build a local network of people to help you accomplish these mutual goals of promoting the value of creativity and applied imagination.

What are you doing with creativity to transform your community? Click "Post a Comment" below and tell us about!

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