Monday, October 04, 2004

Xerox brings 'Innovate 2004' show to Dubai

[4 October 2004 - AME Info] Revolving around the theme of 'Innovation changes everything, both in Xerox and in the Olympics (Xerox was the an Official World-wide sponsor of the Athens Olympic Games), the event will show that medals are not just a reward for athletic achievement, but also a tribute to creative problem solving and the power of innovation. More

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  1. I think that Xerox deserves to show their new innovations all over the world and not just in Dubai this has been the biggest change for xerox in its history. Its a big change for a company to change its log. I believe it was done to shed some light and reflect on today's xerox. because xerox really has changed as a company. They have hit some incredible accomplishments in the past few years and i think this is really great for them. Their new brand now reflects who they really are now representing Xerox's connections to its customers, partners and more.

    I think this is incredibly true on their part xerox has definitely become a better company nowadays and therefore they felt a need for this change and i think its a really big deal for the company's identity. Seeing as they have transformed completely then this was a necessary change.

    I hope they continue to grow and develop!