Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Creativity, problem-solving skills vital for architects

[3 August 2004 - Kansas City Star] About 50 years ago, they kept construction crews busy building schoolhouses. Now, they're doing it again. Baby boomers are making their needs felt in the construction industry. But today, the building boom involves senior housing and health care facilities. That's good news for architects. Architects are artists who design buildings. Their structures must do more than please the eye, however. A building must be safe, functional, affordable and serve a purpose — whether the occupants are senior citizens in retirement apartments, patients in a hospital, shoppers in a retail store, dogs and cats in an animal shelter, families in houses, spectators in a stadium or prisoners in a correctional facility. “Architects solve problems through the design or renovation of a structure,” said Mark Spurgeon, president of Williams Spurgeon Kuhl & Freshnock Architects Inc. in North Kansas City. The firm specializes in retail, health care, hospitality, senior living and education designs. More

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