Friday, July 23, 2004

Teach Children Creativity With a Smile: Kalam

[23 July 2004 - New Kerala] President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Friday called on parents and teachers to teach children creativity with a smile to shape them as responsible citizens. Opening a national conference on 'Enhancing Learning in Elementary Schools', Kalam said it was the responsibility of parents and elementary or primary schoolteachers to ensure children did not lose their smiles and innocence when they entered the higher education system. ... 'Towards this end, I will be working with state governments, social organisations and the human resource development ministry to decrease the load of books and to increase creativity of the students,' Kalam said. ... Stressing the importance of elementary and primary education in making India a developed country by 2020, he said on an average, children spend about 25,000 hours in schooling, the most important part of their life and the only phase where they were in an environment that could foster creativity with joy. 'We have to ensure continuity of education while kindling creativity in the children as they are the future of our society, state and the country,' Kalam noted. More

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  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    The problem isn't earlier it's somewhere about 12 - 17 that the Creativity in most people fades away - I guess hormones, keeping up with your peers, getting a job and earning money to have all those necessities or non-necessities in life means "goodbye to much individual creativity"
    I'm quite sure that those after school jobs and Summer Vacation jobs mould you into following the crowd and unless you happen to like being a loner and an oddball you just have to fit in.
    You might be able to get back to using your Imagination but you will have to be bold enough to "thumb you nose" at the norm and just do it.